Eco Hotels – The Environment Friendly Features That Really Make a Difference

You recycle at home, drive a more environmentally friendly car and save energy whenever you can. When you travel, the hotel industry is increasingly aware that you expect to see clear demonstrations of environmentally friendly good practice. The best news of all is that eco hotels can actually offer an enhanced visitor experience. Here are five ‘green’ features that distinguish the best eco-friendly hotels from the others.1. eco-friendly Hotels harmonize with nature.From a relaxing location amid well-managed woodland to recycling of rain water, eco-friendly hotels offer a total environment that harmonizes with and responds to nature. From the hotel’s commitment to be as ‘green’ as possible, to each individual recycling bin, eco-friendly hotels respect nature and prove it in the small details.2. Truly ‘green’ hotels support the environmentThe best eco-friendly hotels feature grounds where guests are encouraged to experience nature. This leads to a greater appreciation and understanding of our environment, and contributes to the ongoing conservation of natural areas. Enlightened eco hotels offer more than just a great night’s sleep; they set guests thinking about the environment and how we can all work to preserve it for future generations.3. Eco accommodation helps minimize consumption of materialsIt’s probably one of the most obvious aspects of true ‘green’ status, and one of the easiest to implement. A hotel that is committed to the environment will be making a serious attempt to minimize consumption of materials: rainwater harvesting, recycling (by the hotel and guests alike), and the use of sustainable products prove your hotel cares for the environment.4. Your eco hotel should have a proactive environmental policyGenuinely ‘green’ hotels will have a proactive environmental policy that is easily accessible to guests and staff alike. Above all, the hotel can show that it follows its own environmental policy; the hotel team should be trained in ‘green’ thinking and will actively encourage guests to be as ‘green’ as possible.5. An eco-friendly hotel won’t sacrifice luxury and room comfortWith an enlightened approach, there’s no reason why eco accommodation should sacrifice comfort and luxury. Comfy beds ensure a great night’s sleep while helping the environment through active sheet re-use programs; luxury bathrooms use recycled rain water for toilet flushing, while towel re-use schemes cut unnecessary laundering. Modern allergy awareness helps hotel management choose healthy furnishings and cleaning materials, while nice grounds and wonderful views promote the natural environment.Next time you’re traveling, choose an eco hotel, enjoy a great night’s accommodation and do your bit for eco tourism. Above all, look for environmentally friendly hotel characteristics alongside the usual secure parking, convenience and broadband access. Sleep well, enjoy a clear environmental conscience and have a great trip.

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